Essential Oils for Soulful Living

How I got started with essential oils:

Essential oils have been instrumental in turning my physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness around. If you’ve found this page, then I suspect you are looking for the same answers I was almost 20 years ago. After my daughter was born I was forced to deal with all the health issues I had been either over-medicating or ignoring when I had what I affectionately refer to as my Break-Down-Break-Through moment. Along with allergies and asthma-like symptoms, I developed severe post-partem depression. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before, I had been plagued with anxiety attacks and bouts of depression since I was a teenager.

While I got much-needed and life-saving relief from the medications the doctors prescribed, I fell into a downward spiral of numbness and frustrating side effects like weight gain, loss of libido, and lack of impulse control. When I’d maxed out my credit cards and the scale, I decided ENOUGH was ENOUGH. There had to be a better way than being on no less than 7 prescriptions at the age of 30, with all the crazy side-effects, not to mention the costs both emotionally and physically.

That’s right. SEVEN prescriptions. I was taking prescription medications for allergies, asthma-like symptoms, depression, anxiety, and eczema. I have since discovered that most women at that age are on their way to an endless cycle of prescription meds and doctor visits.

But that isn’t how my life turned out and it doesn’t have to be your life, either!


Essential Oils for Soulful Living:

I decided I would give just about anything a try including yoga, meditation, exercise, change of diet, and yes, alternative therapies of all kinds. Basically, I gave my entire lifestyle an overhaul.

I had discovered aromatherapy at a yoga class in college when the instructor offered me an essential oil to help me relax in savasana (that’s the part at the end of yoga class where they have you lie down and close your eyes for a spell). I couldn’t believe how a simple smell could take the edge off my anxiety and help me unwind. I felt more at ease for the next few hours than I had in a long time. But for whatever reason, I didn’t dive into essential oils back then. The next day I bought my first bottle of patchouli at the local health food store (that’s what the instructor introduced me to) and it would last me years.

My Break-Break-Down-Through:

Fast forward to my Break-Down-Break-Through 10 years later, and I started experimenting with the essential oils I found at Bath and Body Works. I know! I know! But that’s all I knew about at that time, and then I rediscovered the brands on local health food stores shelves. My results were hit or miss but I knew these oils had power, I’d experienced their amazing benefits more than once, but I couldn’t figure out why the results were inconsistent.

Until one day a friend gave me a little toile bag full of little samples of essential oils. I was thrilled! They smelled UNBELIEVABLE! She knew I used essential oils in the yoga classes I taught (yes, I became a yoga teacher in my search for wellness answers) and when a friend of hers gave them to her, she passed them on to me. (FYI that same friend who wasn’t interested in the oils back then is now MY team leader with doTERRA! Funny how the Universe works, right???).

And let’s just say that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship…with essential oils, with myself, and with my LIFE!

I am living proof that your health and wellness are yours to command. With a lifestyle and essential oils I have transformed my life: I am healthy, happy, and living the most soulful life I could have ever dreamed. While none of this happened overnight, it did all start with the intention to take back my power, try something different, and to venture out into the unknown to explore the mind-body connection, the power of plants, and power of intention.

To learn more about essential oils, soulful living, and doTERRA:

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I hope with all my heart that you will heed your own inner voice, your intuition that has brought you here and discover your own path to wellness. I can’t tell you exactly how it’s all going to turn out or exactly what you need to do, but I am happy to be your trail guide on the most amazing, most fulfilling journey you can ever take: finding your path to wholeness.

Namaste, my friends! Much love and light!