Little Flame Series

A spinoff of the Love and Light world, this Urban Fantasy series revolves around Fiamette Jurato, a traditional healer who is in search of a vampire lover from her past. The fast-paced suspense takes us on a whirlwind tour with the famous DJ/Producer Maximillian and his eclectic crew of paranormals. Fiamette’s special talent for healing the supernatural leads her astray of her mission as she attends to sick trolls, cursed werewolves, and previously unknown creatures with a propensity for deadly entanglements. Haunted by her past, Fiamette searches for atonement but instead finds love, death, and mysteries wrapped in enigmas.

Getting lost in the magic won’t be the problem… finding your way back home will.


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Nine30AThey say home is where the heart is. Well, if that’s true, then I’m lost because I have no clue where my heart is anymore.  I thought I knew—until I met Maximillian.

I was on my way out of D.C. before the local vampires could catch on to me and let’s just say if that happened, then this club dancer would be facing her expiration date.  That’s when the famous DJ blew into town—and into my heart.

I should have cut bait and run like hell, but I couldn’t abandon someone I could heal—even if it meant losing my freedom or even my life.  Besides, Maximillian smelled familiar, like deep forest and pine needles baked in the sun; like that chilly snap of running water and the coolness of twilight.

Those things have a smell that adds up to a dream.

You can get lost in that kind of dream. It can fill your mind with ideas and notions you have no business thinking or feeling. Dreams like that make it easy to forget the danger you’re in…and the mission you’re on.

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ElectricBetween incubi, humate dealing trolls, and a vampire who sends all my circuits into overload, I’m going to be lucky if I can get out of this town in one piece.

They call it the city of brotherly love, but those are not the words that come to mind when I roll into town as part of the Maximillian crew. Feuding brothers is more like it. And isn’t it always the way?–I finally have my werewolf healed when a sick fae falls in my lap. And I’m all out of healing energy.

That means I need to bag a much bigger catch and figure out what’s wrong with my fae. All while trying to worm my way out of the middle of a troll-vampire feud AND fend off my growing desire for the oh so sexy DJ, Maximillian .

Someone’s going to die tonight and I hope like hell it’s not me.

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StarLandSex slaves, insatiable masters, and curse wielding gypsies are just a few of the disturbing things growing in the Garden State.  As if that isn’t enough to contend with, I’ve got to figure out what’s ailing Lelani—a stage name if I’ve ever heard one—before one particularly nasty vampire catches up with me.

What was I thinking hooking up with a DJ and his crew when my demons could literally get us all killed?  Duh, I wasn’t.  Max’s musical magnetism overrode my common sense and this dangerous game could cost me my freedom.

Sometimes, even I doubt my sanity.

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LimeLightThe Big Apple is the next stop on the Maximillian Dubstep tour, and I’m about to bite off more than I can chew. A new friend is asking for a kind of help I’m not sure I can give.  Saving his dying son is going to cost me, but I’d do it in a heartbeat if my life were the only price to be paid.  But, I’m about to learn that there are worse things than dying.

Falling in love, for one.

I’ve faced blood, pain, and even excruciating loneliness, but nothing has prepared me for the choices I’m about to make. Death? Pfft. Child’s play.

Love is a far scarier thing.

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EchoThings are heating up fast on the East Coast, and even L.A. may not be far enough away from the impending inferno. Word is the fix is in and I’m about to come head-to-head with my worst nightmare.
Or my dreams are about to come true.
Either way, I still have to figure out if the voices in Max’s head are figments of his imagination or spirits trying to warn him. I’m kind of hoping for the former, because a little insanity I can handle. Ultimate sacrifices and possibly losing the first guy who’s actually cared about me in over 200 hundred years—not so much.
Life may have been lonesome as a renegade healer, but it was a hell of a lot simpler before I lost my heart to the music man.
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Surrender_SmallThe glamorous road Max and I are racing down is headed straight to hell, but of course neither of us is willing to admit it. If it’s not the monster of the week, it’s our pasts—mostly mine—that’s ruining our odds of staying together. Honestly, there just aren’t enough ways for me to say I’m sorry.
While Max confronts his parents about their lies, a life or death case involving the closest thing I have to a family falls into my lap. A child’s life is at stake, but every bet I make turns horribly wrong. The only chance I have left has a deadly payoff:
Power for power.
Life for life.

Or, you know, just another Monday in Sin City.

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I’ve been gEuphoriaranted a second chance at life, so what do I do? Screw it all up. I had a fresh start; the past was behind me and everything was possible.

Yeah, right. Should have known something bad, bad, bad was lurking in the shadows.

When bulletproof Dee comes down with an inexplicable illness—demons do NOT get sick—my past crashes the party. So do I make a deal with the devil himself, my soul in exchange for Dee’s life, or do I put everyone’s lives on the line by taking my chance
s with fate—because that always works out so well.

This is a no brainer, right?

I guess I can kiss my ass—and Max—goodbye.

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I am not your everyday healer, but even I’ve never seen this particular problem before. And itFire&Ice doesn’t help that my patient is a stubborn jackass of a troll. Seriously. A real troll. A spoonful of sugar can’t make the medicine go down when the patient would rather die than swallow his pride.

This short story also appeared as part of the It’s a Ghoul Thing collection of short stories available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Smashwords, Kobo

Now a stand-alone short story available exclusively at Amazon.

LL_8Livia’s back! And this time, it’s personal.

Most of the time the dead stay dead, so why can’t Max’s psychotic mother? There’s nothing she wouldn’t do to protect Max even if it means destroying everything he cares about in the process, including me.

Call me crazy, but I don’t have time to make nice with my boyfriend’s mother when I still have a killer to find before time runs out for Dee. But the devastation in her wake leaves me no choice–it’s time to banish this bitch back to where she belongs.

MusicI’ve done things I’m ashamed of. I’ve stolen. I’ve lied. I’ve even take a life or two. But what I have to do next makes all that look like random acts of kindness.

Finding Dee’s murderer trumps all, no matter what the cost, even binding myself to Hross until death do us part. Give up Max? Check? Break his heart? Yeah, that too. But putting Max’s life in danger was never, ever part of the plan.

I have one chance to make everything right, once and for all. And I only have one shot because what I’m about to do requires the ultimate sacrifice: my life.