Karma will not be denied.

A series of Paranormal Romance/Fantasy novels featuring Loti Dupree, a metaphysical healer in search of the keys from her past that will unlock her future. She lives in a world much like ours only with vampires, witches, werewolves, and other paranormal creatures who live side-by-side with and are, mostly, accepted by humans. While she struggles to stay one step ahead of dark forces who seek to possess or even destroy her, she navigates romantic relationships, family mysteries, and blossoming paranormal abilities that threaten to consume her.

New age suspense in a fantasy setting meets steamy romance.

25EnlightenedLoti Dupree is about to learn that karma’s a bitch.  After her husband’s sudden illness and mysterious death, ominous nightmares and psychic attacks have her running for her life—and straight into the arms of a dark and broody vampire.

In his world of closely guarded secrets, every answer she uncovers leads to more questions. Sexy distractions teeter between dangerous and too good to quit, while Loti struggles with losing herself and finding herself in the arms of this mysterious creature.  When the attacks intensify and friends become casualties, she must face the truth whether she wants to or not.

Someone out there will stop at nothing to kill her and only the vampire and a destiny she isn’t prepared to embrace stands between her and an early grave.

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25SamskarasChristian’s karmic debt is about to come due when a powerful witch named Heather dances into his life—and into his heart.  He needs to possess her, body and soul, but when she submits to his undead desires, ancient secrets seal their fate.

A pawn in a dangerous game, Christian is forced to betray the woman he loves to satisfy his relentless master, whose sights are set on possessing the Light Walker, Loti Dupree.  Helpless to protect Heather, Christian has only two choices: either enslave her or forfeit his life.

Can love and light free him from the darkness?

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DayLightComeA Love and Light Short Story

Some fun in the sun is just what Loti needs, but from the moment she and Wolf arrive at the not-so-quaint hotel, they know something’s off about the place. Cockroaches, dirty linens, and an unkempt room turn out to be the least of their worries. An evil spirit haunts the beach front resort and it has no intentions of letting them check out until it gets what it wants. Can they solve the mystery before daylight comes?
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25SamadhiLoti and Wolf have learned the hard way that karma will not be denied.  In an attempt to save Heather’s life, they’ve formed a bond with her that threatens Wolf’s sanity and Loti’s faith.

And Heather is torn between the love she’s lost and a love that puts everything she’s ever believed into question.  Unable to resist an enthralling temptation, the threesome is drawn ever deeper into an ancient trap. A trap of Modore’s making—one that will bring events full circle and force them all to pay the karmic debit they owe.

Through a maze of regrets, fae treachery, and black ops conspiracies lies the answers—and the inevitable end. But who will survive? And will they wish they hadn’t?

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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000030_00029]The final story in the Love and Light series wraps up Wolf, Loti, Heather, and Christian in an enlightened bow…

What is it about the holidays that brings out the drama in every family?  And Christian’s unusual hearth and home is no exception. Christmas was never the vampire’s favorite time of year, but when Loti goes into premature labor during a wintry nor’easter he will learn for the first time what family—and maybe even Christmas—is all about.

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Sneak Peek at Samadhi, Book Three in the Love and Light Series

Before he could stop himself, Wolf scooped them both up in his arms, crushing them to his chest. The women gasped and he took one step towards the bedroom. A series of thoughts dashed through his mind in half of a second: What then? When the bond was sealed? What was he thinking? He couldn’t make this decision for them all. He couldn’t allow the blood bond to force this decision on them. He flexed his jaw as he struggled against the maddening compulsion and switched directions so quickly the women didn’t seem to notice what his initial intention had been.

He plopped down on the couch with the two of them in his lap, arms and legs akimbo. He clinched them both to his chest, his heart pounding with excitement and fear. Loti struggled to meet his gaze, but he wouldn’t let her, slamming his mental shield in place. He had to protect her from his impulses. Immersed in the rich, pungent smell of their arousal—all three of them—he closed his eyes and took a slow deep breath, but that was a big mistake.

His control snapped and he was licking necks, kissing faces, going from one to the other. He was losing the fight, God help him, and he wasn’t at all unhappy about it at the moment. Hot blood surged to his groin, and a thirst so deep he couldn’t remember ever having felt it before made him moan into Loti’s mouth. Hands and lips and bare skin and warm, damp breath rushed over him until he pulsed in painful need, pressing his rock-hard erection against them.

“Stop! Stop! I’m going to barf.” Loti wriggled desperately against him, but his mind had gone blank with lust.

Wolf! Her mental scream echoed in his head and he released them both with a start. Loti sprinted for the bathroom with a hand over her mouth. Heather blinked as she wiped something from her eyes and pulled back, looking anywhere but at Wolf. She tried to hide the shaking, but he was vampire. There was no hiding these things from him.

“How long will this last?”

Wolf startled, wondering which this she was referring to: Loti’s morning sickness or the uncontrollable lust. “The morning sickness?” He cleared his throat, surprised at the gruffness of his own voice.

Heather nodded, then to his surprise rested her cheek on his chest and her hand on his bare stomach.

“I don’t know.” He felt her hold her breath, the way her hand trembled as it slid an inch down his stomach. His hard-on twitched in anticipation and he thought he’d lose it right then, throw her back on the couch and bury himself deep in her sweet, soft body.

A cellphone tweeted and Wolf grabbed her hand, surprised to find he was shaking. Giving her a chaste kiss on the temple, he carefully lifted her hand and with a squeeze placed it in her lap. “Let me up.”

She slid reluctantly to the side as he heaved himself up. He felt her gaze on his bare backside as he strode away, clenching his fists. As he slipped into the dark bedroom, he groaned and shook his head at what they had almost done. He wanted it, needed it, but they hadn’t agreed to it. They’d been taken over by the compulsion and almost been locked into a bond none of them was sure they wanted.

With a shuddering sigh, Wolf snagged his cellphone from the bedside table and frowned at the caller ID. It wasn’t a normal phone number, and he knew what that meant.