Episode #003 – Tarot Card of the Day & Never Give Up

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On today’s Periscope Live I talked about the Tarot Card of the Day, The Moon, and why you should never give up. As usual, I gave a few 1 card Tarot readings to live viewers at the end. Make sure you’re following me on Periscope to catch me live and stick around until the end of the broadcast. You just might get a free reading. 😉

Do you know you set intentions every day whether you mean to or not? Your state of mind determines how you will experience your day. It doesn’t matter what happens; what matters is how you perceive and respond to the events of your day. So don’t give up! No matter what, there is always hope because you can ALWAYS change your intentions. Remember: it’s just a bad day, not a bad life and if you work on creating thought patterns and subconscious programs to support you instead of tearing yourself or your life down, you can be the badass I know that you can be.

Love and light!

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Episode #002 – You Gotta Learn to Love Your Enemies

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On today’s Periscope Live I talked about learning to love your enemies, speaking your truth, and the Tarot Card of the Day. I also gave a couple of Tarot readings for live viewers. Make sure you watch live next time!

Who is your worst enemy? If we’re honest with ourselves its probably us. We are the hardest on ourselves than anyone in our lives and we spend more time sabotaging ourselves than our worst enemies. So, how does it turn it out when the war you’re waging is on yourself?

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Excerpt from Nine30 – Book #1 Little Flame Series

FINALLY! Here I am! Back at work on my author blog. Yes, it’s been 8 months! Yes, I hear the crickets. Well, not really, because it’s winter here in Virginia, but I did have to clean off the cobwebs. What’s important is I’m back, and I thought I’d kick off things with an excerpt from Nine30 Book #1 of the Little Flamer series. It’s one of my favorite scenes because it’s the first time you get a real glimpse into the dark secrets of our lovely protagonist, Fiamette. 😀

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I searched the turbulent sea of gawkers for my fish. Ah. There he was. I met his gaze, my lips lifting into a come-hither smile. He was close enough now I could make out his full, Latin lips. Nice. I turned a hip, let one hoop spin to a stop at my feet, and threw the other over my head. Catching it with my neck, I bent and glanced at my boots for a second, so my shag-cut hair covered my eyes. I tossed my hair back, looking straight at the vampire.

He froze, eyes widening. Then he grinned like the devil he was and pushed his way through the ocean of flesh. Winded and a little too self-satisfied for my own good, I glanced instinctively at the door to the dressing rooms in the back of the club. Miranda was already there in her bright yellow tutu and matching fur leggings with black smiley faces. She waved, ready to spell me off.

Sexy female on starburstMiranda weaved her way to the podium, and I kept my eyes on my target, wondering how old he was in vampire years. He appeared fairly young, maybe only five or ten years since he’d been turned. Dang. I shoved my disappointment away and concentrated on reeling him in. What I needed was a much older vamp. They were so much more… well, just more, but I supposed he’d do.

Besides—I flipped the second hoop back up and spun them both overhead—I could always cut bait if something superior came along and there was always the chance he was the one I was looking for.  The young vamp stood at my feet. A song about scary monsters rocked the house as we met each other’s gaze. His absorbed expression said he was already mine, but I jiggled my derrière for him anyway. I needed to keep him entertained and interested because Miranda, making her way to the platform in the middle of the dance floor, was still five minutes away, even with members of the security team clearing a path.

He studied me, as if marking me for the hunt. Which I’m sure he was. Hmmm. I lifted the hoops back over my head and twirled them down to my waist. When Miranda finally arrived, I let the hoops swing to my feet and wobble to a dramatic stop. The security guys waited while the song wound down.

I glanced over at Katrina on the other platform. We exchanged a nod, and both backflipped off our podiums, landing in the arms of the crowd. Screaming with joy, the horde passed me over their heads to the back of the dance floor. No one grabbed my ass—well, not in a way I didn’t like—and no one dropped me. Would miracles never cease?  All in all, a successful routine.

As the last few hands lowered me to my feet, I glanced back at the podium where Miranda was already posing while she waited for the ecstatic screams to calm down enough for the DJ to be heard. Tony and Mark, my security detail, flanked me, crossing their arms over their broad pecs. Tony’s jaw flexed as he watched me, a nervous wrinkle above his brow.

I smiled reassuringly up at him, and he rewarded me with one of his rare Cheshire cat grins. We liked each other. Not that way. We got each other, that was all, and I was going to miss him. Whether I liked my co-workers or this cover job didn’t matter—my real living came from other skills—it was time to move on. Besides, I’d given this city a fair shake and I was fairly certain what I was looking for wasn’t here.

I peeked over the heads of the wound-up throng and there was my vampire. I wrapped my fingers partially around Tony’s bulging bicep, pulling him close. He leaned down, turning his ear to my mouth.

“I’m going to mingle,” I yell-whispered into his ear.

His eyes narrowed. “Please stay out of trouble,” he yelled back.

Aww, he’s sweet. I smiled indulgently. “I will.”

He grabbed my arm and I stared at his hand as he pressed his mouth to my ear. “Listen to me, Fia. You know I keep my nose out of other people’s business, but I’ve heard rumblings.” I got a sick feeling in my gut that I’d waited a tad too long to leave town.  “You’ve attracted the kind of attention I’m guessing you wouldn’t like. So when I say stay out of trouble, I mean stay under the radar.”

When he eased his grip, I forced a smile. “I’ve got it under control.” I turned to look for my vamp. I needed what he could give me more than ever, if Tony was right about me attracting attention. Damn. It was exactly what I’d been afraid of.

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Peace out

The Low Down on Negative Vibes and 5 Ways to Clear the Air

Negative energy abounds, and while it seems as if it’s gotten worse these last few years, I think that’s mostly because of bad social media etiquette. Regardless of the debate over the quality, we definitely spend a lot more time interacting with people than we ever have before in human history sooooo… odds are we’re going to encounter some low vibes.
But have you ever felt a little queasy after spending time in a crowd or after jumping on Facebook? Maybe irritated? A bit of a headache? A need to scream into the void? Those are the real effects of absorbing other people’s negative vibes. Now, I know this sounds all woo-woo voodoo, but I’m here to tell you it’s real stuff.
Part of how we human creatures interpret people and situations is by mirroring and we don’t even realize we’re doing it. Watch two people in conversation and see how they start to mirror expressions and gestures. That’s because we are wired to mimic what we see in order to assess the situation for danger or just to be empathetic and create a connection.
Next time you get the opportunity to hold a baby, watch them watching you. Whatever expression you make, they will usually attempt to mimic you. Most mothers play this game with their infants, not only with expressions but also with sounds and gestures. This is hardwired into us. It’s how we learn to talk, communicate, and bond, but it’s also how we learn to figure out what people really mean and whether or not we should be concerned. See, by imitating other’s gestures, body language, and expressions (and sometimes even their accent!) we unconsciously create their emotions in our body.
We even do it when we’re reading. We try to intuit from the words in context how the person who wrote it felt by creating tensions in the body, usually based on how we would be feeling if we wrote those words. Note: this is why texting is a poor way to communicate subtle emotions. We tend to interpret the text based on how WE would have to be feeling to chose those words in that context. See the problem?
Anyway, sometimes people do a really, really good job of emoting with words…they use ALL CAPS, emojis, colorful language, and our bodies take on those feelings through the process of mimicking. And sometimes, people do all that not because they actually feel that way but because they know the kind of reaction they will get (trolling, anyone?)
There’s also a body of thought regarding actual, physical energy. Since scientifically everything is an emitter, which simply means everything vibrates on an atomic level and that vibration is detectable, then it stands to reason we may pick up on those vibrations in subtle ways. But that would apply mostly when we are face to face, although who knows, right? Maybe we somehow infect the digital world with our energy, too.
So how do we prevent those negative vibes from harshing our chill? (too much?) By protecting our boundaries and clearing the air, both literally and figuratively.

Here are 5 practical and mystical ways to clear the air:

1. Mantra

It can be as simple as having a saying (aka mantra) like “Not going to let them rent space in my head” or it can be as ancient and spiritual as “om mani padme om”. That last one is in Sanskrit and is believed that the actual vibrations of the sounds do the work. Maybe. It does sound cool when you chant it. Listen here. Whether you make up your own or choose a tried and true mantra, the idea is not only to dispel those low vibes but to replace them with higher ones, too.

2. Essential Oils

You could use some aromatherapy to clear that negative energy, too. If you’re not familiar with the benefits of aromatherapy, you could read this blog to learn more. There are lots of different scents and aromatherapy products on the market so make sure you do lots of research before buying anything. Essential oils have lots of different benefits – Take a whiff of Peppermint essential oil to clear your head, or dab a little diluted Neroli behind the ears or on the back of the neck. Sandalwood, lemon, lemongrass, and rosemary are also high vibrational oils that will counteract that low vibration stuff. There is a school of thought that Rose essential has the highest vibrational frequency, but there are those who will say that’s a load of horse hockey. Like this post here.

Black Tourmaline

3. Crystals

Crystals? Really? Hey, don’t knock it til you try it, right? If you think about the modern applications of crystals in technology, is it really such a stretch to think they might have an effect on the energetic level? If you are the mystical type or just like pretty rocks, try some pyrite (that’s fool’s gold to the crystal non-initiates, clear quartz (with the right intention this rock is a powerhouse), black tourmaline, and amethyst. I have a chunk of amethyst that hangs out on my desk. At the very least, it can be a visual reminder to exhale the bad shit and inhale the good.

4. Incense

Burning incense is a favorite of mine, but I understand it’s not for everyone. Burning incense is a worldwide tradition for sanctifying and purifying that crosses cultures and belief systems. If you grew up Catholic, you’re familiar with the scent of burning Frankincense. If you hail from India, you are familiar with sandalwood. However, those with asthma or chronic bronchitis may want to opt for a less smokey solution. Some energy clearing incenses are Nag Champa, sandalwood, and neroli. You’ll find lots of crossovers between incense and essential oils, so if you’re not a fan of the smoke, try diffusing an essential oil in a water vapor mist. That’s much friendly to the upper respiratory system.

5. Smudging

Then there’s smudging. Smudging is a North American Native tradition, usually involving burning a tightly wrapped and dried stick of sage or sweet grass. What’s the difference between smudging and burning incense? Um, honestly, not much. Same idea. BUT the main difference for you will be sticking the incense stick into a holder vs. holding the smudge stick while you fan the smoke around yourself or the room. (Sometimes I even smudge my phone and computer!) If you want to know more about smudging, check out this Chopra Center article.

So there you go!

Hey, you might not be a big believer in the mystical and magical, but there is something to be said for using trigger objects, sayings, or mini rituals to clear your head of negative thoughts and your body of negative feelings AND replace them with some good vibes. Use any one of these on a regular basis and you’ll start to see a shift. It will get easier and easier to shake off the bad and choose to feel positive.
Much love and light, my friends!

Life is Chaos, So Be Kind

Right before Thanksgiving, I took my son to the local MedExpress because I suspected strep throat. Long story short, it turned out to be tonsillitis and our travel plans were canceled, much to my chagrin and my family’s disappointment.

But that’s not why I’m writing this post. I’m writing this because while I was at the walk-in facility, I discovered that my health insurance company had somehow taken my son off our policy. I was confused at first, then frustrated, then anxiety-ridden as I got passed around to no less than 3 people and eventually from the health insurance company to the government marketplace.

The health insurance rep insisted that my son had never been covered and it was just a health insurance for married couple policy and it wouldn’t cover my son. I asked him as politely as I could why was it then that they had issued him an ID card for 2017, as well as covered past doctor visits, such as his most recent visit to the dentist a month ago. He had to have some gum disease treatment which can be quite costly if you don’t have insurance. I just wanted to know why he wasn’t covered. No one could answer that question. At the end of an hour, I was told that I would have to file some kind of “grievance” or “resolution” something or other but that it would take as long as 30 days for the government to get the insurance company to do anything.

I hung up and fought the urge to cry in the waiting room. I could feel my pulse in my temples and neck, my heart was hammering away in my chest. I told the lady at the front desk to go ahead and charge me the full amount because my son needed to be seen regardless. $119 later, I had a diagnosis and a GoodRX discount card, thanks to the kind folks at MedExpress.

I had to put my feelings of helplessness and anger aside while I got my son through the doctor visit. All the side effects of feeling attacked and helpless to defend myself have lasted for days. I know how this stuff happens: human error. Maybe the tech staff at the health insurance company had to run a restore on part of their database and my son was magically removed from our policy. Maybe someone fat-fingered an entry. Maybe someone ran a faulty script that mangled some accounts. Or just mine.

I’ve been paying the premium for him all year, my brain insists. I’ve crossed every T and dotted every i. I’ve jumped through every hoop the healthcare dot gov site insisted I jump through. I did the dance the insurance company demanded of me. I filled out every form, I paid on time, I did my duty.

But the insurance company did not do there’s, and yet the burden of proof lies squarely on my shoulders. I have to prove they made a mistake.

I can feel my blood pressure rising all over again as I type this.

Luckily, when I called back, I got a different customer service rep and before I even began to explain the situation I asked her if she would please be patient with me, that I had been on the phone for over an hour regarding this issue earlier and was basically told there was no remedy. I told her that if I sounded cross or irritable it wasn’t about her, but about me, that I felt helpless in this situation and would she keep in mind I held no ill will towards her. I told her I would do my absolute best not to take my frustration out on her.

Fifteen minutes later she was sending a request to whoever had the power to rectify the situation. She reviewed my file, my policy, whatever she was looking at on her end and concluded that yes indeed, there was some sort of error and that the original enrollment included my son and no, there wasn’t anywhere in the system a request to terminate his coverage. Also, the rate I was paying definitely included my son. No question.

As of this writing, I am still in limbo. The situation has not been rectified because of the holidays. I was told someone would call me next week but just in case she gave me an interaction ID number that I could reference when I call back next week.

In the meantime, I have endured wave after wave of my old anxiety. Every time the incident comes to mind my body reacts as if I am under attack, as if my son is under attack and I have no remedy. I must endure. I can only hope and pray for the best and it IS infuriating.

I feel helpless and that is a trigger for some old, subconscious patterns.

I know it stems from incidents in my childhood where I had no control over the situation and I was at the mercy of the adults in my life: a kindergarten teacher who liked to hit me on the back of the head when she didn’t like what I was doing; an adult caretaker who sat me down for lunch and asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, then told me I wasn’t smart enough to do any of that (over and over again); and vague dreams I kept having into my early adult years about being scalded with hot coffee from the neck down when I was 11 months old. I actually did get burned with a large amount of coffee, but it was purely an accident. I don’t remember anything about it except what my mom told me: how they ended up taking me home earlier from the hospital than the doctors would have liked because I refused to eat.

And when I get this feeling of helpless, gnawing fear, I can’t eat.

Over Thanksgiving the fear kept surfacing. I was short-tempered, cranky, and wanted to be alone. But I didn’t want to give in to it. I’d fought the anxiety monster into submission over the years and I was damned if it was going to get a grip on me once again. And I know exactly where the bastard lives: in my subconscious. I needed to communicate with my subconscious and get this misunderstanding straightened out because I was so done with this nonsense.

My son wasn’t at risk of immediate harm and the problem IS solvable, ultimately. But as often as I repeated that to myself, my subconscious wasn’t listening. See, the subconscious doesn’t really speak in words. It uses images. So how does one have a come to Jesus moment with the subconscious?

I decided to pull a Tarot card. Strange response? Not really. The Tarot is all about universal archetypes, symbols that all humans recognize the meaning of because of culture, and Carl Jung claimed because of the collective unconscious. We all share the language of the subconscious: imagery. Whatever you may have heard about the Tarot, the fact is the Ryder Waite deck is jam-packed with these archetypes and symbols. That’s how they work. That’s how readers interpret them. And really, anyone can read the Tarot based purely on their own personal interpretations, because its all about tapping into the subconscious, not predicting the future and being guided by spirits and other such “woo woo”.

So I asked, “What do I need to do to resolve the health insurance issue and let go of this fear?”

I pulled: the reversed Three of Swords.

Ack. 🙁

If you are a Tarot enthusiast, you know the 3 of Swords is one of those “bad” cards, but I’ve been working through the Biddy Tarot Certification program and one of the issues I’ve been learning about is how bad and good cards have both shades of lightness and darkness.

And so I opened myself up to the image of the 3 of Swords: three swords piercing a red heart with storm clouds in the background. My personal, intuitive response to the image is that I’ve allowed mere words, ideas, and thoughts to create unnecessary pain. My anxiety feels real but the source is not. I need to let go of this illusion.

A more traditional interpretation of the 3 of Swords reversed would be that there has been a mistake, an error that is causing me pain. The solution? An optimistic approach to fixing the problem. Be kind, its whispering to me.

Yeah, duh.

That’s not voodoo or rocket science; it’s common sense. And isn’t it interesting how that card came up and how I could use the imagery to help create some calm for myself? I’m fascinated by the idea that we can somehow interact with the universal energy to draw a card that holds some meaning for us. Or maybe it is all random and we interpret whatever card we draw in the context of the situation. But either way, we’re still accessing our subconscious.

How many times have we had similar circumstances, problems that feel out of our control to resolve, and we’ve torn ourselves up worrying about it? Like a loved one being diagnosed with cancer, like a company or other organization making a mistake and you have to prove it was their error (but heaven forbid you, the customer, make a mistake), or a hurricane destroys everything you own.

There are no doubts about it, losing your home to a hurricane can be devastating. That being said, if you live in an area where extreme weather and storms are a frequent occurrence, it is well worth investing in a home insurance policy that includes coverage for natural disasters. Above all, although storm damage can be expensive to repair, taking out home insurance can give you peace of mind that your property and possessions are covered. If you would like to learn more about finding a home insurance policy that includes coverage for storm damage, you can find plenty of useful home insurance resources online.

Not sure where to begin? If this is your first time taking out home insurance, comparing all of the different providers and policies can be confusing. However, it is important to remember that help is out there. For instance, nowadays you can get insurance-related advice from an insurance broker who can find the best possible insurance policies for your needs. To learn more, head to the BST Insurance Brokers website.

Strangely, the most comforting thing I ever heard about these random acts of pain was from the stand-up comedian Patton Oswalt. At the end of his first Netflix special after the loss of his wife, he said he often talked with her about the meaning of life. Like, maybe there is a God and life has a purpose, that there is a plan, but the horrible things that happened in the world made it hard to accept. His wife always asserted that it didn’t matter, that ultimately life was chaos, so what did matter was we being kind. He even joked that in typical fashion, she got the last word and proved him wrong.

Life is chaos, my friends. For no reason whatsoever that we can discern, random, painful, uncomfortable, soul-shattering, and merely irritating stuff happens no matter how many ts we’ve crossed or Is we’ve dotted.

We can’t prevent the random things, so its really important to be kind: to others, and to ourselves.

It’s important to be kind to the customer service rep who is trying or not trying to be helpful and to solve the problem. Just be kind. It doesn’t matter. Just be KIND.

It’s important to be kind to yourself and find ways to ease the fear and anger.

Another lesson I’m relearning.

Much love and light, my friends!

You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks…or can you?

My old dog, Kodi <3[/caption] Continuing with my unintentional theme of "what I've learned in 2017", I have to say "change your mind, change your life" is an incredibly powerful statement. It's one of the most powerful things I've been doing as I've retreated into my home life and spent more time having lunch with friends, volunteering, and generally getting to know myself better. And I can say without any equivocation: If you don't like what's going on in your life, look to your thoughts; look to your beliefs. My theme for this year? "It's all in your mind." From the mainstream media's constant stream of not quite honest reporting to my own anxious worrying about every possible scenario up to and including horrific death, I've had to acknowledge that until something ACTUALLY happens, it's well, all in my head.

And yours.

My anxiety has often gotten the better of me, so much so that I’ve spent sleepless nights tossing and turning with outrageous “what ifs” playing out in my head. Years of yoga, meditation, and even medication at times have helped, but never completely solved the problem. But this year I had my “come to Jesus” moment: I either had to fully claim my power or nose dive into depression and anxiety attacks over and over again.

And I am so over feeling helpless.

Don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts. If you think it over and over and over again, it will become a belief. And belief’s are dangerous things. Be very, very, very, super-duper careful what you believe. For example, if like me you believe/d that bad things happen when you’re happy and carefree, bad things will tend to appear to happen when you’re happy and carefree. And you will make yourself miserable to avoid bad things.

The truth is, bad things happen NO MATTER what we believe or think so why not just be happy anyway?

Did worry and misery keep the bad things away the past couple of years? No. So why was I devoting so much of my brain capacity to worry? I’m not talking about constructive thought, like making well-thought-out choices that take into consideration the consequences of my actions. I’m talking about worrying needlessly, believing that I’m a victim without any power to change my life, and otherwise swallowing the idea that anyone or anything has any power over me.

Including cancer.

Many ideas were programmed into us from a very young age, ones we had no say over. Parents, teachers, family, the government, and our culture have drilled certain things into us: about how weak or strong we are, how the world works, and even whether or not we stood/stand a chance to be happy in this life…or even survive.

But we have a choice NOW.

Note: No one in this scenario is necessarily Simon Legree or Lord Voldemort (for those who have no clue who Simon Legree is). Let’s just say that we teach more by what we do than what we say AND we can only teach what we have learned. I’m not pointing fingers; I’m explaining WHY we are where we are and how that actually gives us options, and power.

When we know better, I tend to believe we do better.

We are not stuck with our current programming. We can change it. We can change our minds, thus our thoughts, and thus our lives.

We can rewrite our beliefs and feelings and change the course of our lives one single thought at a time. And this is not some “new age mumbo-jumbo” as Sheldon Cooper might say. This is science.

Neuroplasticity is the scientific term for the malleable nature of the brain…even in old age.

“Whatever you hold in your mind will tend to occur in your life. If you continue to believe as you have always believed, you will continue to get what you have always gotten. If you want different results in your life or your work, all you have to do is change your mind.”


This is not to say its an easy task, this changing our minds. You already know if you try to stop thinking about certain things, it has the reverse effect, right? If you say, “I won’t think about purple parrots” now all you can think about is purple parrots. Try not to laugh in church and you struggle harder not to laugh. Maddening, right?

So how in the hell does one change their beliefs? By NOT suppressing thoughts that arise from those beliefs. Let them float up from the subconscious, then let them go. Don’t fight them. Here’s what I’ve been doing instead: I’ve devoted time every day to identifying old beliefs that don’t serve me and, here’s the important stuff: crafting new thoughts and beliefs, and creating mini-rituals to replace the old with the new.

Like, whenever I catch myself being negative or spiraling down I picture a big, red STOP sign and even say out loud, “Stop!” This isn’t to suppress the thought, but to make me stop what I’m doing and pay attention to the habitual generation of thought. Then I picture that thought floating away like a cloud caught in the wind. Then I give my Monkey Mind something new to focus on: my new, positive thought/belief. And over time, with repeated practice, the new thought starts to become habitual.

I kid you not.

Sounds crazy? I tell you it works. It’s worked best if I focus on one belief at a time until I break that sucker, sweep it away, and methodically reinforce the new belief. Depending on how deeply ingrained a particular belief is, this process can take months. There are shortcuts, however.

Like essential oils. Wild Orange is fantastic for helping bust the shackles of fear. Inhaling the aroma of Wild Orange essential oil WHILE replacing beliefs that generate fear-inducing thoughts was super effective for me. I still diffuse Wild Orange when I sleep.

I also know a few people who use cannabis for this exact reason. Marijuana can have a calming impact on the mind and so it is widely used by insomniacs as a way of helping people to get more sleep. Not all cannabis strains are created equally, however, so if you are contemplating using marijuana as a natural sleeping aid, you might want to do some research and Visit Website articles about strains such as Purple OG Kush.

Ultimately, rewiring my brain has taken time, and I’m not done. I have some more beliefs I want to change, but I’m on the right path and the proof is in my everyday experiences. This time of year? I’m usually just barely keepin’ my nose above the S.A.D. waters, but not this year. Two new things I’ve added to my yoga, meditation, exercise, and good nutrition regimen are my new, shiny beliefs and a methylated B12 and folate supplement.

Life changing.

So, turns out, you can teach an old dog new tricks.