Sneak Peek! First page from the rewrite of Enlightened

And so it begins...

Cold rain pelted the big front window of Loti Dupree’s studio. She stared through the rivulets streaming down the darkening glass, wondering if she should have canceled class.

“Be careful, okay?” She held the door open for the last of her yoga students.

“No worries. I think it looks worse than it actually is.” Jeremy tucked his yoga mat under one arm and grinned down at Loti. “You, uh, want a ride home? I’ve got the Jeep, so you know. Probably safer than that Bug of yours.”

Loti swallowed and shook her head. Jeremy stood just a tad too close and despite the butterflies in her stomach, she made herself meet his gaze. “I’m good. Meeting Rachel for dinner at Rosemary and Thyme.” She cleared her throat. “She’s got the truck. We’ll be fine.”

Jeremey reached out and took the door knob out of her hand, stepping even closer. Loti was caught between the open door and his body.

“You want me to walk you over there?” His husky voice hitched her breath.

They were so close she could smell the soap he’d washed with and the musky, workout sweat drying on his skin. She exhaled sharply, turning to escape as fast as she could but instead tripped over the threshold and into his arms. Wide-eyed and shaking, she froze. He didn’t try some flirty line. He stared down, his eyes asking questions she couldn’t—or didn’t want to—answer.

“I need to go. Rachel’s waiting for—”

He pressed warm lips to her trembling ones.

WHAT DO YOU THINK??? Do you remember the original opening of Enlightened? How is this different? Do you like it better or not so much?

Even if you’ve never read Enlightened, what do you think will happen next???

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