How to Build an Empire with the Moon


Did y’all know I use the phases of the moon to set goals, run my business, and build my empire

It’s true!

Okay, so maybe it sounds a little wack-a-do, but really, it works. It’s a little dash of magic and little smidge of common sense. See, the moon cycles through eight phases throughout the month, from New Moon to Full and back again. Those phrases have a lot to teach us about how to organize our time.


The Moon Has a Lot to Teach Us

The moon also has a lot to teach us about setting goals, letting go of what’s not working, and trusting that there will be another chance. I don’t believe we only get one chance in this life at anything. I know there’s this fear if we don’t take advantage of an opportunity it will never come around again.


But the moon tells a different story.


First Four Phases

Four of her phases teaches us about growth: new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous. We plant seeds of intention with the new moon and work toward growing that intention into full bloom, the full moon.

BUT then comes the letting go. A flower is not the end fo the process, see. After the full bloom, comes the fertilization and then comes the fruit, right?


Second Four Phases

So think of the next four phases as the fertilization and the fruiting: full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter, and waning crescent. This half of the lunar cycle reminds us that some things need to be released in order for new things to take shape. The flower petals die so the fruit can grow.

That’s the very basics. I use the phases of the moon to organize my time during the month, when I create when I relax, and when I do the business backend work. From a practical standpoint, it means everything gets addressed every month.

And when feel time-crunched and anxious about something getting done, the moon cycle always reminds there’s always next month. It’s helped me ask the question: what absolutely has to happen this week/this month? And what can be done next week/next month?


Full Moon is for Reflecting

Going into the details of how I use it phases is too much info for one blog post, so I’ll give one example, with the promise I’ll about the other phases in future posts. Today, we’re coming up on the Full Moon. This is the time every month when I shine a big, bright light on the work I’ve been doing, both spiritually and professionally and make some hard decisions. I ask myself:

What have I accomplished?

What hasn’t gotten done?

What’s working?

What’s not?

What do I need to refocus my efforts on?

What do I need to let go of?

Then I  pivot my efforts so I’m working on what really matters. I also spend the evening of the full moon letting go and forgiving. Seriously. Holding on to grudges and bad feelings is the biggest handicap ever. Think of them as literal baggage that you’re carrying while also trying to lead a happy and productive life.

It gets impossible at some point if we don’t start jettisoning those burdens.

Why not give it a try tonight? The moon is technical full at 12:32 am tonight, September 14, 2019, but you can do this anytime tonight or even in the morning if you prefer.


Full Moon Forgiveness Rite:

1. Cleanse your energy. Light a candle, burn some sage, diffuse some essential oil.

2. Meditate. Sit still and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and imagine the light of the full moon flowing down through the crown of your head, fill and purifying your entire body.

3. Journal. Open your eyes and spend a few minutes writing about what you need to let go of. Is it a grudge? A bad feeling about a mistake you made? Resentment? Something you’ve been holding onto that makes you feel sad and heavy?

4. Visualize. If there’s a person involved, you’re going to imagine a big pink bubble with them inside. It appears in the sky very small, floats toward you like Glenda the Good Witch in The Wizard of Oz.

5. Forgive. Once they get close, imagine putting your hands up to there’s though the bubble and say, “I forgive you.” If it’s something about you, picture yourself. If it’s a situation, picture the situation or something that represents it.

6. Release. Then blow the bubble away. Let rise into the sky until it disappears into the sky and tear up the piece of paper with what you needed to let go of.

And here’s a bonus aromatherapy blend to diffuse on the Full Moon! Use it during your full moon ritual or anytime you want to channel the Full Moon’s energy.

Let me know how it goes!
Stay magical







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