Every Monday on Magic with Melissa (click HERE to see the episode), I provide intuitive guidance by pulling a card from either an oracle deck or a Tarot card deck.

This past Monday (CLICK HERE to see the 11/9/2020 episode) after discussing the importance of conserving our attention and directing it toward ways to invest in ourselves, I asked:


How can we focus our attention so we can reap the biggest return on the investment of our energy?

And I pulled the Ace of Wands from the Light Seer’s Tarot, my latest favorite deck obsession.

I love this card! Look at it! What do you think when you see the Ace of Wands? It makes me think of the spark of an idea, a mind on fire. There’s an inner fire and light of inspiration inside each and every one of us. New ideas are lighting a fire in your heart, in your soul, and in your belly. You might pull this card at your next tarot reading, but of course, you want it to be accurate, so take a look at this review on juneauempire.com to find the most accurate online readings possible. That way, you’ll be sure that the Ace of Wands is going to bring you the energy you need to bring your ideas to fruition.

The Ace of Wands suggests that all of the energy to bring your ideas to successful completion is available to you.

So be confident in yourself! You have what it takes to manifest your ideas, and your ideas are good for something.

If you want a big life change but you’ve been himming and hawing about how to make it happen now’s the time to embrace the “one bite at a time” principle. Make a plan, but don’t get overwhelmed by it and burn out before you even get started. Instead, take one small bite out of that plan at a time.

Creating something new is always uncomfortable. It’s so uncomfortable that we often talk ourselves out of doing the work before the idea even has a chance to gestate.

So here’s what you need to do: nurture that spark. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Learn what you need to learn to write that book, paint that picture, or pursue that career. Stop dousing your fire with negative self-doubt.

Hey, maybe somebody in your life spoke very negatively to you and now you’ve internalized that voice. Stop it now by saying “No! I’m not going to talk to myself that way.” Flip the script! If you’re constantly telling yourself you’re lazy and not smart enough, start proving yourself wrong. Get up and do ONE thing, just ONE thing toward a goal.

If you want to be healthy, get up off the couch and go for a walk around your yard, or around the block. Have a glass of water. Choose one healthy snack, like an apple or fruit cup. That’s it. Now you can tell yourself your not lazy, at least for today. Tomorrow? Do it again.

Keeping an ember glowing so you can build it into a roaring fire takes nurturing. You need to channel your inner fire tender. A long, long time ago when man first discovered how to use fire, he didn’t actually know right away how to light the fire himself. So, he would collect fire when say lightning hit a tree.

It was then someone’s job in the tribe to keep that ember burning, to protect it, and keep feeding it so they could use it every night to build a new fire. Then the fire tender would take an ember from that fire and keep it going until the tribe needed to build another fire.

That is your job, to tend your fire, to nurture yourself, and take care of your little flame.

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