Today on Magick with Melissa (CLICK HERE to see the 12/21/2020 episode) I talked about Yule and its connection to Christmas, empowering women through canceling diet culture, and making Yule blessing ornaments.

AND I pulled our weekly Tarot card for guidance and healing. This week I asked, “How can we empower ourselves?” I pulled the Wheel of Fortune. This card is an indicator of luck or destiny and it is a Major Arcana signifier of change. If you receive it during a Tarot reading (you can find some on peninsuladailynews.com) then there’s no doubt that some big new change is on the horizon for you.

10. The Wheel of Fortune

This card reminds us that we are both masters of our destiny and subject to events and energies outside of our control. So while we must acknowledge our culture, our families, and our environments help to form us and direct our paths, we must also own our power.

And where does our power come from? Choices. What choice will you make today to change your fate? Sometimes, the best choice is to surrender to what is and go with the flow. Otherwise, we can end up depleting our energy fighting against tide.

Here are 8 questions you need to ask yourself when you pull 10. The Wheel of Fortune:

1. Are you getting in the way of your own success/happiness?
2. Why are you so afraid to let go?
3. What’s the worst that could happen if you surrender to this?
4. And if it does, how will you weather the changes?
5. How have you created your current situation?
6. Do you believe in fate?
7. What events have contributed to who you are today?
8. How can you accept and forgive yourself, others, and situations?

These questions are inspired by my own musings and The Field Notes by Chris-Anne, creator of the Light Seer’s Tarot.

Use these questions to process how you can empower yourself.


Click HERE to download The Wheel of Fortune Journal Worksheet







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