Pre-Order Sealed and Claim Your FREE Gift

Pre-Order Sealed and Claim Your FREE Gift

Pre-Order Sealed and Claim Your FREE Gift is available for pre-order!

To celebrate the release of book 4, Sealed, I’ve:

  • created a giveaway for a chance to win a Labradorite wishing bottle and mini book of shadows.
  • a gift w/pre-order!


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What she doesn’t know could get them all killed.

Loti Dupree’s healing powers could change the nature of life itself, and she doesn’t even know it. But 500-year-old vampire Wolf Arrighi does. He’s been living outside the boundaries of his own kind, seeking her for centuries, and when their worlds finally collide, the passion ignited between them is more than either bargained for.

Together, their powers become something entirely new–and entirely dangerous. The sudden surge of elemental magic attracts an ancient evil hell-bent on nothing less than the utter destruction of humankind. And they’ve just handed him the key. One by one, the people they love become casualties, and Loti and Wolf are in a desperate race against time to fight an epic battle that could cost them not just their lives, but their very souls.

Karma’s a bitch.

Loti and Wolf have learned that the hard way. After saving Heather MacGregor’s life, their three-way blood bond now threatens Wolf’s sanity and Loti’s life. And Heather wishes they had just let her die.

Until an unexpected ray of light shines in her dark night of the soul and she finds a passion that puts everything she’s ever held dear into question. Now torn between unspeakable pleasures and the love she’s lost, Heather is vulnerable to an insidious attack. Unable to resist an enthralling temptation, her choices leave them all facing certain death.

Through a maze of blood debts and soul-contracts, exquisite passion and unparalleled desire, and more treachery and deceit, the threesome slips ever deeper into Modore’s ancient trap, one that will finally give him the key to his six-thousand-year-old obsession and the utter destruction of humankind.

**Fans of the reverse harem genre will love this polyamorous paranormal romance**


Thank you so much for ordering SEALED, book 4 in the Of Light and Blood Saga! Everyone who pre-orders SEALED before release day, JANUARY 20, 2020, gets a free copy of my ebook 5 Tarot Practices for Activating Your Intuition!




And last but not least, enter the rafflecopter for a chance to win a Labradorite wishing bottle and mini book of shadows!

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