8 Question to Ask When you Pull The Hierophant

Today on Magick with Melissa (CLICK HERE to see the 12/28/2020 episode) I talked about the Full Moon and illuminating our self-limiting beliefs.

I also pulled our weekly Tarot card for guidance and healing. This week I asked, “How can we gain clarity around what we want to do as opposed to how others want us to act?” I pulled The Hierophant.

5. The Hierophant

The Hierophant’s message is to seek out a guiding authority to teach you what you need to learn. However, there are two schools of thought about who that “guiding authority” is.

First, there’s the traditional authorities: spiritual leaders and guides, teachers, government, and socially accepted structures. A simple message could be to “seek out an authority to learn from.” If you asked about a relationship, it might be time to make a formal commitment, like getting married.

The second, newer, school of thought is to become your own guiding authority. Break the rules, make your own, and get out from under the thumb of the establishment.

I think these two ideas can and should co-exist. There’s value in tradition and history. No need to throw out the baby with the bathwater. But it is also our responsibility to always be questioning authority. Our leaders shouldn’t get to maintain the status quo just because it’s “always” been that way.

We shouldn’t follow anyone blindly. We need to strike a balance between respecting tradition and refining our belief systems.

So the question we have to ask ourselves is when do we need to defer to those in authority and when do we need to follow our own inner guidance? Knowing which way to go can be tricky and requires some soul searching. Are we truly listening to our inner wisdom or letting our egos misdirect us? What limiting beliefs might be clouding our judgment? Does the authority figure have our best interest at heart?

Here are 8 more questions you need to ask yourself when you pull 5. The Hierophant:

  1. Do you listen to your inner wisdom or do you defer to others?
  2. Is your ego in charge of your life? How is that working out?
  3. Do you need to seek out a guide or teacher?
  4. How have you been playing it safe?
  5. How can you connect with Spirit?
  6. Are you throwing out convention without considering its value?
  7. What are you rebelling against?
  8. Do you trust yourself?

These questions are inspired by my own musings, as well as The Field Notes by Chris-Anne, creator of the Light Seer’s Tarot.

Use them to help you get in touch with your inner guru.

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